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The original purpose of the JACL was to promote the interests and welfare of the Japanese American community. The scope of that mission has broadened to include the entire Asian American community. The National Headquarters in San Francisco together with regional offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and a legislative office in Washington, D.C., works on a continual basis to build a foundation of opportunity and equality for the Asian Pacific American community.

With its long history of successful civil rights advocacy, the JACL has been able to build a strong network of public officials and other like-minded organizations. The JACL has recognized the importance of working in coalition with other groups in order to promote the interests of all Americans, and has worked together with organizations such as the OCA, NCAPA, APIA Vote, NAACP and many others.

The JACL responds to defamation and hate crime incidents wherever they occur. We confront the use of racial slurs in the media or wherever else defamation occurs. Our staff and volunteers often work with law enforcement to ensure the thorough investigation of hate-related crimes and incidents. The JACL monitors and advocates for or against legislation in Washington, D.C. that affect civil rights and the well-being of our community.

The JACL promotes teaching of the Japanese American historical experience, including the World War II internment in school classrooms. We accomplish this by producing educational materials, presenting teacher-training workshops and participating in educational conferences throughout the country.

Leadership Development
The JACL provides programs that develop and train future leaders who will act for positive social change for the Asian American community. We encourage young people to participate in our Internship and Fellowship programs. We sponsor the annual JACL/OCA Washington, DC Leadership Conference where participants establish valuable relationships while learning about the issues that affect their community. We present workshops on college campuses that teach leadership skills, cultural identity and campus organizing.

educationCultural and Historic Preservation
The JACL believes it is important to preserve the unique history of Japanese Americans. We accomplish this by initiating and supporting legislation such as the Internment Camp Preservation bill. The JACL supports local efforts to preserve the remaining “Japantowns,” which were the cradles of our community. The JACL promotes the culture and arts of our community through many projects and events that are organized and supported by our national network of chapters.

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